So I got myself an iPhone 13 Pro Max

Actually I am not really interested in new Iphones. It seems to be mostly the cameras which are developed between the generations. I have 5 Hasselblads so why should i buy a new one?

I had an Iphone X which looked like crap. I had a lot a lot of scratches so i decided to take the plunge and buy a new.

So a first extremly fast review:

  • The “normal” lens is amazing.
  • The wideangle and “tele” is kind of OK. But nothing i would ever use
  • Apples own Camera app is totally unusable. It’s really crappy! Don’t use it! Biggest problem is over sharpening. But it also overexpose to many pictures. An easy fix is to buy Camera+ 2. Just 8 dollar, it’s really worth every cent. Fantastic app!

All in all i am very happy with the phone. I even have sold my first IPhone picture! I love the fact that i always have a camera with me which i can trust.

There are moments when i dont carry my Hasselblads. These pictures wouldn’t have been done without the Iphone. And check the night pictures. Totally awesome! You can do a lot with AI these days.

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