In praise of the Iphone Pro Max 14

In praise of the Iphone Pro Max 14

I got myself a Christmas present, an iPhone 14 Pro Max. I have been looking for a digital backup camera for a while now since I sold my Hasselblad 907x. My main shooter is now Hasselblad X2D. I love it. It’s a fantastic camera. But sometimes, it just feels too big to lug around.

So I have read about different options for a couple of months now. I have been especially interested in something small and simple like Leica Q2 or Fujifilm X100V. They have fantastic cameras, but they are starting to be a little old.

By coincidence, I saw a photographer give the iPhone 14 pro a fantastic review. And sure enough, iPhone has reached a professional quality, at least with its primary lens, the 1x lens. You can shoot 48 mp with that lens. Dynamic range, sharpness etc are incredible.

The above picture is shot with the iPhone. So my need for a secondary camera is at least for the moment fulfilled.

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